Looking for a Pie Truck?

Well, there were two Pie Trucks. But that was too confusing. Here’s where you can find what you want…

If you’re for looking for pie delivery from Pie Truck based out of Alameda, that Pie Truck is now Alameda Pie. Check out the new site here ! Same delicious pies. Same delivery service. Only the name has changed. See you at alamedapie.com!

If you’re looking for The Pie Truck, the awesome folks with the mobile food truck from Eat Real and elsewhere about town, you can find them here. They’re still called The Pie Truck and they’re good. Check them out!

Heck, check us both out!

Yay! More Pie!


8 responses to “Looking for a Pie Truck?

  1. Jon

    I think you should deliver pies on friday, so i can eat them at work. Im sure others at my company agree. 🙂

    • pietruck

      Hi Jon,

      Funny you should say so! With next Saturday being the 4th and all, Pie Truck was planning on moving delivery to Friday for the week. Details to come after this Saturday’s deliveries.

      Friday may stay an option in the future if that proves popular either instead of or in addition to Saturdays. We’ll see how things shake out.

      Thanks for writing!


  2. PieLover

    Please deliver to Pacifica soon!

  3. btn

    Need South Bay (e.g. San Jose, Campbell) pie delivery… Thanks!

  4. lm

    I just found out about this and cannot wait to try it out. I’ll be ordering next week.

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